InSync™ Handheld Utility Device For SamRF™ (R21190)
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InSync™ Handheld Utility Device For SamRF™ (R21190)

RFID locks can be tricky, call us for help! 1.800.284.2837

InSync™ Handheld Utility Device

SamRF™ (R21190)

  • In-stock and ready to ship, please contact us for pricing
  • Genuine Saflok® Insync™ product (made by dormaKABA USA®) for the Sam RF™ System
  • Used in conjunction with the Electronic Key Encoder Base (not included, but available separately)
  • Required for Insync™ key and lock management
  • Powered by 4 NiCad rechargeable AA batteries (do not use Lithium Ion or other rechargeable batteries as this might cause hardware failure)
  • Current Firmware version: (required for locks manufactured after Jan 2017)
  • Saflok® Part# R21190


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