Keyscan® K-TX2 Keychain Remote
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Keyscan® K-TX2 Keychain Remote

Keyscan K-TX Remote

Keyscan® K-TX2

Keychain Remote with HID® Prox

  • In-stock and ready to ship
  • 4-Button with HID® Format Proximity Coil (36-bit Keyscan® Format: C15001)
  • Genuine Keyscan® product (made by Farpointe® for DormaKABA/ Keyscan®)
  • 3V Cr2032 battery (included)
  • 433 MHz RF, 125 KHz Prox
  • Keychain model
  • Keyscan Part# K-TX2
  • Not compatible with TX4PRX
  • Please contact us for pricing



Operates with Keyscan® K-RX receivers.

Compatible with proximity readers:

  • Keyscan® K-PROX3
  • Keyscan® K-PROX2
  • Keyscan® K-KPR
  • Keyscan® K-VAN
  • Farpointe® P-300
  • Farpointe® P-620-H
  • Farpointe® P-710-H
  • Farpointe® P-900-H
  • HID® 6005B Series Prox Point Plus
  • HID® 5365 Series Mini Prox
  • HID® 5395 Series Slim Line Prox
  • HID® 5455 Series Prox Pro
  • HID® 5355KP Series Prox Pro Keypad
  • HID® 5375 Series Maxipro Long Range

Please refer to Keyscan’s website for the latest updates and compatibility.


All items are Trademarks of their respective holders