Our Team - Community Controls
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Quinn Capson
QUINN CAPSON Vice President Of Sales
Quinn has been with Community Controls since January 2005. He enjoys building relationships with clients and vendors and working with his sales team. Quinn is passionate about providing excellent customer service. If a customer is unhappy or needs help with a solution he wants to know about it. Quinn is the father of 5 boys, he loves spending time with his family and anything involving the outdoors. Quinn says, "To me family is everything, I want our employees to feel like family and I want our customers to feel the same."


d: 801-508-6963 m: 801-512-3778

Josh Carson
Josh has been with Community Controls for over 8 years. He started his sales career selling car stereos at one of Utah’s premier aftermarket auto shops. When not in the office, Josh and his family can usually be found hiking in the mountains, skiing on the slopes, or ATV riding in one of Utah’s vast deserts.


d: 801-508-6971 m: 801-889-6444

Yolanda Newton
YOLANDA NEWTON Account Manager VP Assistant Charity Director
Yolanda has been with Community Controls since 2007 as an account manager she specializes in various controlled access systems, credentials and software. She is the director of charity and has a passion for helping others especially children. She is the assistant to the VP of sales and as such plays an important role managing various task, accounts and responsibilities. She loves her clients and always ensures they are well taken care of. On her spare time she loves to travel, workout, go hiking, four wheeling and just spend anytime she can with her two children.


d: (801) 508-6993 m: (801) 708-2300

Matthew R. Nelson
MATT NELSON Account Manager - National Director of Smart Lock Technology
Selling remotes and access FOBs isn’t always glamorous but Matt likes it. A good day is when he can solve hard problems. Square pegs into round holes kind of stuff. He likes to spend his free time with his family (hiking when it’s warm and skiing when it’s not) and building telescopes for the Open Space Agency.


d: 801-508-6985 m: 801-244-3136

Jeff King
JEFF KING Account Manager
Jeff has spent his professional life in sales from selling internet back in the early dial up days to selling Solar panel systems on the east coast, he loves making a deal that is best for his customer. Jeff is a family man and his joy is his wife and four kids. He has a love of movies and useless information.


d: 801-508-6974 m: 801-244-3745

Robert Lopez
ROBERT LOPEZ Account Manager
Robert Lopez has a hard work ethic, and believes there is no problem that can’t be solved. He takes great pride in his relationships with his customers, and believes in customer service. In his spare time, Robert loves to cook, and is an award winning chef. He loves playing racquetball, and enjoys time on the river fly fishing. He loves spending quality time with his wife, and family.


d: 801-508-6987

LIZ BEE Account Manager
With over 20 years of customer service experience, Liz’s top priority is making sure her customers are well taken care of. She started with Community Controls in 2010 and has experience in several fields within the company. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends - especially with great food! She also has a passion for gemology (random fact) and enjoys traveling.


d: 801-508-6966

Curt is an Account Manager with over a decade of successful experience in sales and training. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Curt regularly develops internal wellness campaigns to assist employees with effective mental health techniques. Curt enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found on long bike rides on hilly country roads.


d: 801-508-6962

TANNER HARRIS Account Manager
Tanner has studied Mathematics and Physics and has a deep understanding of the radio technology we use here at Community Controls. Fixing and solving problems is a day to day occurrence. He is easy to work with, and helps his customers understand how best to use their systems. In his freetime he is an active powerlifter, family guy, and outdoorsman.


d: 801-972-4869

KYLEE PORTER Sales Representative
Kylee is a Sales Representative with years of customer service and sales experience. She has no fear when it comes to learning and is the first to try new things. She loves to laugh and is a comedian at heart. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, building Legos with her children or painting scenery with acrylic paints.


d: 801-508-6998

Traci Hanseen
TRACI HANSEEN Sales Representative
Traci has an extensive background in business management, accounting and finance. She has spent the majority of her life raising her 3 children and running a business. Traci loves traveling, swimming, going on adventures and mostly spending time with her kids and grandson. Family and charity are the most important things in Traci's life.


d: 801-508-6989

JORDAN 'JAY' HARRIS Sales Representative
By adding another Jordan to the workforce, Jordan Harris often times goes by the nickname ‘Jay’ so colleagues and customers know who their Sales Rep is. Jay is studying Business Management currently and has 6 years of Customer Service and Sales experience. He likes watching sports games on tv, but enjoys playing them even more. His other hobbies include muscle cars, the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.


d: 801-972-8602

Jordan has been with Community Controls since 2003. He enjoys coming to work, the positive energy of his coworkers and calls this place his second home. He looks forward to working with customers and helping them make their day a little easier. He is passionate about health & wellness, fitness, outdoors and coaching basketball. He takes most pride in being a father to two beautiful daughters.


d: 801-508-6996 m: 801-512-3775

DEZERAY BEESLEY Sales Representative
JAKE MAGALEI Sales Representative
Jake has been with Community Controls since 2014. He has seven years of sales and customer service experience under his belt. Jake enjoys building relationships with his customers and working alongside his fellow employees. Lighthearted in nature, Jake can find levity in any situation and he always has a joke or two on deck for delivery. His favorite hobbies include playing with his two children, binge watching movies and television shows, lifting weights, and over analyzing the short comings of his favorite sports teams.


d: 801-508-6981

BLAKE CAPSON Account Manager
Blake has been with Community Controls since 2008. As the Vice president of our onsite service department his motivation has helped expand and build relationships with clients throughout Utah, L.A. and Orange Counties. He specializes in various gate, garage and controlled access systems. He shows strong leadership skills ensuring his department runs smoothly and his onsite service technicians are well trained to help offer solutions to all of his clients’ problems. He is a perfectionist in all he does and does not let issues go unsolved. Blake has a beautiful family, whom he adores and loves spending time with when he is not at work.


d: 800-284-2837 ext 2270 m: 801-815-5250